What are United Vibe doing Now?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

If you don't know who United Vibe are I will be shocked! but just incase you don't know who they are...

UNITED Vibe made it through various stages on The X Factor 2018 series, making it to the live finals, before they were voted off in the third week of live shows.

The boys initially auditioned as individual singers and were put together before the Six Chair Challenge round. Initially they were called Vibe Five before changing it to United Vibe for the live shows. I personally felt they were given a hard time on the show...to me it felt like the show didn't want the boys to succeed?

Since the show the boys have worked hard writing and recording, and of course getting to know each other. Don't forget These lads were just put together for TV. I had the pleasure of working with United Vibe on their sell out tour earlier in the year to promote their single “AINT IT FUNNY”... wow, is all I can say! What was X factor thinking? What i heard was not what I heard on X fACTOR, Every member of the band can sing!...and sing well! Their harmonies were tight ; they looked great and they had great personalities.

You can find out more what the lads are up to at



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